What They’re Saying About The Boy Who Said No and Stalked: The Boy Who Said No

THE BOY WHO SAID NO is a big, energetic story with cinematic sweep.”  The Philadelphia Inquirer

THE BOY WHO SAID NO is a powerful fictionalized version of a true story and one that stays with the reader for a long time.”  —New York Journal of Books

“The mix of thriller and history offers a fascinating but depressing look at life under Castro’s totalitarian regime…a tense and exhilarating read.” Library Journal

STALKED: The Boy Who Said No, by Patti Sheehy, is filled with drama, intrigue, and passion as a Cuban refugee fights to make a life in the Unites States after escaping the Cuban military to reunite with the love of his life.  Set in the 1970s, this tragic love story pulls at the heartstrings and asks difficult questions about fate…STALKED: The Boy Who Said No is a great novel and could be enjoyed by anyone looking for a historical read.”—Foreword Reviews

“More than just a thriller STALKED is a historical masterpiece.”  Alan L. Lee, author of Sandstorm

(STALKED) “Sheehy has written a fascinating tale of love, loyalty, and betrayal, and violence with most of the primary characters still around to confirm its truth.”—Emily Jennings, The Free Lance-Star, Fredricsburg, Virginia

“Patti Sheehy has the rare talent required to pull the reader so deeply into every crisis that you would think you were living it.  Sheehy has followed a home-run with a home-run with STALKED.” —–Jack Dobbyn, best-selling author of Black Diamond, Frame Up, and Deadly Diamonds

“World Communism faces off against the America Way in Sheehy’s Horatio Algeresque sequel [STALKED] to the 2013 THE BOY WHO SAID NO.Publishers Weekly

“Sheehy has written a fascinating tale of love, loyalty, betrayal and violence, with most of the primary characters still around to confirm its truth.” Emily Jennings, The Free Lance-Star, Fredricksburg, VA.

“This novel is not only a story about a deadly enemy only a few miles from our shores but also a testimonial to what lengths people will go to become free.” Library Journal Review of STALKED: The Boy Who Said No

THE BOY WHO SAID NO is a page turner, filled with crisp, realistic dialogue and descriptions of the people and places that Mederos encountered.  It is also a starkly revealing portrait of life in the 1960s under the Castro regime, for the tale is ultimately an object lesson for all freedom loving people today.  The portrayals of Castro’s government forcing new policies and restrictions on its people, and the immediate, personal and disastrous effects of that imposition upon the entire society are very compelling.  Parallels to present day events are difficult to ignore.”  Jersey Man magazine

THE BOY WHO SAID NO tells the harrowing story of Frank’s attempt at escape and the people around him.  It’s a riveting story that gives you a look into what life in Cuba became under Fidel Castro’s rule…I would recommend this true-life novel, and am looking forward to the author’s next effort.”   Suspense Magazine

“The second Frank Mederos biographical fiction is an appealing thriller due to a strong, easy-to-root-for protagonist.”  The Midwest Book Review

“This is a gripping tale of courage with characters, no, real people at its core.  Freedom becomes an illusion and eventually a dream.  For those who doubt they could lost their freedom and liberty, this is a must read.  Frank Mederos sacrificed much for what we take for granted.”  The NetGalley Team

“Every page of THE BOY WHO SAID NO is riveting.”  The Free Lance-Star, Fredricksburg, VA

“This is a magnificent story, the more magnificent for it being true, told by a superb story-teller.  Patti Sheehy has the talent to put the reader inside the mind and heart of an exceptional man living through and odyssey forced on him by the disastrous conditions in Cuba under Castro’s communist regime. It is a history lesson told intimately through the very personal experiences of one soul brave enough to “say no” to an overwhelmingly dark power. Patti’s unquestionable writing talent causes us to leave the comfort of our chairs and virtually live every stress and danger, and ultimately, the exhilaration of the victory of one human soul.  Do yourself a favor.  Read THE BOY WHO SAID NO.”—John Dobbyn, best-selling author, Deadly Diamonds

“A seamless blend of political thriller, historical fiction, and true biography. STALKED is an exciting tale of love, friendship, and courage told in a smart, crisp, compelling style.  Sheehy’s writing is first-rate.”  Robert Rotstein, author of Reckless Disregard and Corrupt Practices

The Boy Who Said No is a beautifully written story of love, friendship and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Cuban life under Fidel Castro as seen through the eyes of a maturing young man. But I resonated most to the drama of one man’s personal challenges in escaping Cuba and the underlying theme that the human experience transcends cultures, countries and politics. Patti Sheehy captures the spirit of the times and brings it to life. I loved this book.”—Jonathon L. Lewis, author, I Thought We Were Happy

“In The Boy Who Said No Frank Mederos exhibits uncommon courage in making his way to freedom. Against great odds he manages an escape worthy of the best fictional hero, only he pulled it off in real life! In telling the story, Patti Sheehy keeps the reader on chair’s edge, rooting for him all the way.”—M Ann Jacoby, author, Life After Genius

The Boy Who Said No will grab you by the lapels and won’t let you go until you finish the last sentence. Your pulse will race as Frank Mederos battles to escape Cuba—amid treachery, suspicion and suspense. Bravo Patti Sheehy!” Todd Buchholz, author, The Castro Gene

“The suspense in this novel [THE BOY WHO SAID NO] is terrific.  It never lets up.  Frank’s challenges and obstacles have the reader holding their breath from start to finish.”  The New York Journal of Books

“The book is so accurate that the hearts of hundreds of Cubans will break upon seeing in its pages the streets, parks, and cities left behind.”  Curled Pages

“The book is very well written and paced.  The plot builds to a great climax and one that shows the USA in its best light, that of the land of freedom…Anyone who has any reticence about allowing refugees to find a place in their country should read this book.”  Book reviewer Tahlia Newland

“No doubt one of the best survival stories I have read in a long time… [THE BOY WHO SAID NO] A powerful portrayal of survival and love.  A most delicious book that should be in high school libraries.  As well, a perfect novel story for any history and English class cross-curricular when studying Fidel’s rise to power and the impact he had on Cubans and the U.S.” –Novelnutricious

THE BOY WHO SIAD NO by Patti Sheehy is based on a true story, yet reads like a novel. Told from the point-of-view of young Frank Mederos, who is desperate to escape Cuba under the rule of Fidel Castro for the land of the free, a boy who has all odds against him.  Sheehy keeps the suspense high as Frank risks his life to obtain the freedom every one of us takes for granted.” Kick Ass Book Reviews

“As a Cuban-American I was fascinated to read The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom about Frank Mederos’ escape from Cuba under Fidel Castro. What a fast and interesting read! I’m passing it on to my mother. Great book.”—Esmeralda Doreste, Director of Adult Education at Union City Board of Education

“The Boy Who Said No is the man who said yes to the pursuit of liberty and freedom.” —Dr. Crag M. Wax, family physician and Editorial Board of Medical Economics

The Boy Who Said No is a fascinating and suspenseful book with something for everyone. It weaves together stories of young lovers in mid-1960’s Cuba, the maturation of a boy into manhood, and the perils and rewards of trust and loyalty. Will Frank lose Magda, his young love? How will he avoid apprehension by his army commander? What will happen to those who risk everything to help him escape? These dramas play out against the backdrop of political tyranny so vividly told that one cannot help but better understand the outcry against Castro. A timeless story.” —Richard Israel of Counsel at Earp and Cohn

The author lists this wonderful story as a “true life novel” of Frank Mederos as he escapes from Cuba during the beginning of Castro’s regime. This is an incredible story of a young man with unbelievable courage and leadership skills whose mettle is truly tested. Frank is intelligent and is driven by forces comprised of love, determination and sheer guts. Ms. Sheehy does a marvelous job of sharing Frank’s escape from Cuba. The story is riveting an inspiring… You find yourself rooting for Frank, your heartstrings tugged as we follow him as he reaches is decision and deals with the risky and life threatening journey to Miami. This story is a page turner…—Mali Rated The Boy Who Said No five stars on Goodreads

The Boy Who Said No is an extraordinarily compelling and sensitive book about one man’s harrowing escape from Castro’s Cuba. This is a “can’t put it down” story of love, sacrifice and courage. It is a must read for those of us who lived through the Cold War. Patti Sheehy’s craft in telling her protagonist’s saga helps us understand the human price of politics in this not so distant time in world history.”Barbara Gardner, President, Collins Interiors

“Nothing moves me more than a true story about a person’s encounter with oppression, hatred and lies—men and women who sacrifice home and country for love, dignity and commitment. The Boy Who Said No is a book about a real person and a real adventure. It is written with compassion and vivid descriptions of harrowing circumstances and frightening times. The characters jumped off the pages into my imagination, leaving me wanting more. I could not put it down.
Ms Sheehy has given the protagonist an intelligent and thought-provoking voice that deserves to be heard. This book provides insight into what America means to those who have no voice. I highly recommend it.”—Joyce Herrman, Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach

The Boy Who Said No is a real gem—a page turner. Patti Sheehy’s presentation of the story is masterful. The glimpse into Cuba during that time period is very interesting and the main character is someone you carry in your heart for a long time. For a “baby boomer” it was like peeking into a forbidden world. I highly recommend it to people of all ages. I can’t wait for the sequel.”—Maureen D’AndreaRetired College Administrator

“This is an amazing story detailing the journey of one young man, Frank Mederos, who escaped Cuba in the early years of the Castro regime. What an incredible adventure! The author, Patti Sheehy, paints a vivid picture of Cuban life during and following the overthrow of Batista. You can envision the beauty of Cuba, and the deterioration of the lives of her people, as the country goes from one dictatorship to another. The book, while marketed as fiction, is based on the life of Frank Mederos, who has shared his story through sessions with the author.”David Ivester. As posted on Goodreads

“I recently had the pleasure of reading The Boy Who Said No and was totally captivated by the protagonist’s life and journey. The story is a thrilling mix of suspense, romance, adventure, and history. The author’s first-person account of one man’s journey to freedom grabs your attention from the start. Many books of an historical nature read like a college textbook—not this one. I couldn’t wait to get to the end. At the same time, I wanted to read more about Frank’s journey. My book club is looking forward to reading it.”—Michelle Waltz-Delaney, RN, Haddonfield, NJ


The Boy Who Said No is a beautifully written story of love, friendship and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Cuban...
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“In The Boy Who Said No Frank Mederos exhibits uncommon courage in making his way to freedom. Against great odds he manages...
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