Book Club Questions

Questions for THE BOY WHO SAID NO

  1. What was Frank’s main reason for escaping Cuba?  Was he more influenced by his love for Magda or his thirst for freedom?
  2. What role did Frank’s grandfather play in shaping his attitudes toward communism?
  3. What did you make of the blue-eyed boy?  Was he a spirit guide, a guardian angel, a figment of Frank’s imagination, a sign of stress, or a form of mental illness?
  4. How would you react if you were compelled to snitch for the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution?  If threatened with jail, torture or death, would you report transgressions committed by your friends and neighbors?  What about your family?
  5. What aspects regarding everyday life under the Castro regime surprised you?  What aspects would you find most difficult to tolerate?
  6. What character did you like the most?   The least?
  7. Did you ever feel that Frank would fail to escape?
  8. How would you react if you were Abuelo and your grandson came to you for advice on how to escape the country?
  9. What would you have done if you were Magda’s parents and your teenage daughter refused to leave for America?
  10. Were you satisfied with the ending or did it leave you wanting to learn more?

Book Club Questions for STALKED: THE BOY WHO SAID NO

1.  What about this book surprised you the most?

2.  Did Frank made the right choice not to join the CIA?

3.  What kind of emotions did this book evoke?

4.  Were you surprised that Frank remarried so soon after Magda’s death?

5.  If you were Lazo, would you have taken the risk to save Frank? Should he have returned to Cuba or sought political asylum in the US?

6.  Why do you think Lieutenant Pino was so obsessed with killing Frank?

7.  What do you think eventually happened to Lieutenant Pino?

8. Was Frank right to turn and fight the Cuban operatives?

9.  Has anything in the book changed your mind about immigrants?

10.  What did you learn about Cuba from this book?


The Boy Who Said No is a beautifully written story of love, friendship and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Cuban...
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“In The Boy Who Said No Frank Mederos exhibits uncommon courage in making his way to freedom. Against great odds he manages...
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Author Interview

Q. When did you start writing?

A. When I got out of college, I took a job as assistant to the president of a small Manhattan public relations firm.  Our clients included many of the nation’s top magazines. I nagged the president for the opportunity to write press releases, but he refused saying, “Everybody thinks they can write, but very few people can.”

Once, when he was out sick, I took it upon myself to write a press release on a breaking political story.  It was picked up by all major media outlets...

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